Style Session

Are you stuck in your design process?

Or not sure where to start?

Does the idea of picking a paint color leave you feeling overwhelmed and indecisive?

Want to get Baiyina’s undivided attention and just give you direction and tell you what you need to do?

I'm going to let you in on a secret...

Even the most savviest of design lovers could use a second opinion.

Whether you’re a decorating connoisseur or you haven’t a clue where to start, being stuck or unsure in a remodel, a new home or renovation is never fun.  

Enter Style Sessions...

A virtual, one-on-one design session designed to get your decorating conundrums answered fast!

Whether you’re struggling with how to layout a challenging space or combine you and your partner’s style,  we got you!  In fact, you will be shocked how many decisions can be made, with confidence, in one style session.


Together we will:

  • layout your space
  • determine the exact pieces you need & their size 
  • jazz up a boring room
  • pick paint colors
  • source a few key pieces
  • prioritize what to do first
  • figure out where to spend & where to save
  • figure out window treatments
  • determine if it’s worth it to reupholster or buy new
  • help at any point in a remodel
  • answer your burning design questions

Meet one-on-one with Baiyina in a virtual working design session on any interior design/ decorating issue – with guaranteed results.  Style Sessions are designed for people who want to work directly with Baiyina without investing in a larger design package. 

check out some of our client boards...

Style Sessions are hourly face to face virtual sessions, designed to answer your specific design questions and get you moving in a direction that feels right to you. 

Here our clients needed help laying out a large yet challenging floor plan, figuring out which direction to lay hardwood flooring, picking paint color, narrowing down which furniture to buy, deciding if they needed a feature wall or not, where to place the tv and so on…

Most people struggle with the layout.

Your floor plan is the foundation of your space and dictates what you should buy and how big it should be.  Imagine investing in a major furnishing without truly understanding the most advantageous way to utilize your space.

When you book a Style Session, we will always make sure you have the best layout for your space – regardless of your design issue.

A Style Session is perfect for you if:

  • Your struggling with a design decision and need answers now
  • Want to work with a designer without a huge fee or commitment

  • You want change but don’t know where to start

  • You need a second opinion

"Baiyina is the Real Deal!"
She turned my bland boring box into something amazing! I am beyond appreciative for her time and expertise. - Beth Shields, Illinois

How it Works:

Book Your Session

After you pay for your session, you will be directed to our online calendar to select a time & date to work with Baiyina. Each Style Session includes 1.5 hours with Baiyina

Meet with Baiyina

All Style Sessions are virtual yet personal. We use Zoom or Facetime in order to share my screen with you and view your space. We recommend your session take place in the room in question and we NEVER judge.

Send Us Your Q's

After booking, please email us a brief description of what you'd like to discuss along with any relevant photos or links. Please allow us 48 hours to review before your session.

Apply Our Advice

After our session please apply the design advice. Baiyina will follow up with a summary email of the items discussed along with any relevant links for purchase, floor plans or mock ups created during our session.

Are you ready to move your project forward?

Be strategic. You have questions and you need answers. Let’s do this. This is not a casual conversation, this is a professional design session.

Whether your questions are vague or specific, a Style Session will give you the clarity you need to make the vision for your home a reality.

Ie. Not, “paint the wall black”. We will select the exact black color to try.

Let’s move forward with confidence – together!

How would it FEEL to:

  • Get specific solutions to your design dilemma, now
  • Get a second opinion so you can make a decision with confidence

  • Get a clear overview of what you should do, and in what order

  • Have full control with any purchase/ decision as your budget allows

  • Try working with a designer without a large investment

"Love, love, love!
For the first time in this project I think we have clarity on where to go 😊 - Jules Petteruto, California


Project Review

We will review & prep your initial project before our virtual design session. Please send us one email with photos and a description of what you'd like to discuss. ($75 value)

Work with Baiyina

We offer 1.5 hours of design support with Baiyina. Depending on your project we will sketch or draft your floorplan to scale, source materials & furnishings
($225 value)

Email Follow up

You may send us one follow up email with updates, photos, questions, etc. and we will respond with feedback related to your initial project. Bottom line, we're here to help! ($150 value)

only $247

the average hourly rate to work with me is $150/ hour.  Book now & save almost 50%.  Valued at $450.  

FAQs :

Style Sessions include the following:
Initial review & preparation of your design dilemma
— prep includes any sourcing, sketching, design work
1.5 Hours of Design Consulting
— includes one-on-one design time, ask any design questions, I will source items live with you,  sketch and to-scale floor plan layouts as needed, screen sharing ideas with you, and create a pinterest board of our ideas with custom links
Follow up Email
— after our session Baiyina will follow up with a summary email.  Should you have additional questions, you may follow up with one email and I will answer/ provide appropriate advise based on your project.  Your email must directly relate to the design challenge we work on in your Style Session.
**Additional design questions outside of the scope of our session are not included.
After your purchase your session (via Paypal) you will immediately be directed to our Thank You page which will include a short list of the information needed to email Baiyina prior to our session.  The page includes a link to our calendar.  Please select your date and time and make sure to send all photos and a brief synopsis of your project in one email at least 48 hours prior to your session.
We do not accept same day bookings.
Email us at if you have any questions.
We get it, it can be scary to try something new!
We have successfully worked virtually with hundreds of clients online and thousands more through our YouTube Channel. If you have any hesitation please feel free to Contact me via email to answer any quesitons prior to booking. 
Trust your gut, if it feels right go for it!! Our goal is to help you move forward in your decorating pursuits!
If for some reason you change your mind within the first three days upon receipt of payment I will refund your money immediately. However, due to the nature of our design services no refunds will be allowed after that time, nor after our session.
Our goal is to actually help you so we will do everything in our power to provide meaningful solutions that meet your style, budget and lifestyle.
We offer a completely customized design plan on a per room basis through our Digital Styling package.

If you decide to purchase Digital Styling after working with us through Style Sessions, we will give you a $147 discount which will be applied towards the cost of a Digital Styling package (regularly $897).

Feel free to email us with any questions.

Ready to work with Baiyina!