I just got back from an epic 3 week European vacation and I swear I should be a travel agent.  I picked some pretty spectacular hotels.  My favorite was my first stop in Berlin –The Henri Hotel.  Why?  Because it was absolutely adorbs, oozing with personal style, on the cutest street in a great area AND my first impression of an amazing city.

And it got me thinking.  Why is this so great?  It made ME feel special and pampered to be there.

So why not create this feeling everyday in your own bedroom?  Here’s 10 ways you can do just that.


1. Decorate with location in mind

Boutique Hotels are an extension of your experience a new city/ country and you’ll notice that they are often decorated using art or decor native to their location.   A framed photograph of palm trees at sunset could be the perfect addition to your LA bedroom just as an iconic striped Hudson Bay wool blanket would in a Canadian or New England lodge. Add one or two signature pieces that capture the unique voice of your city or town.

2. Make your Nightstands Super Efficient

When you lay in bed at a hotel what do you expect?   To turn on a light, plug in your phone and place it on some type of surface — all without getting out of bed.  Imagine if you couldn’t do one of those things – you’d probably be livid.  Create the same efficiency in your own bedroom — on BOTH sides of your bed.  If you have a small room try wall mount lighting – plug in wall sconces, even corded, are really cool right now.  Make sure when you plug in your phone you have enough length in the cord to easily scroll while laying in bed.

3. Create a Consistent Color Story

Choose a consistent color scheme of two to three colors and play with variation.  Use heavier and lighter versions of the same color in walls, bedding and accents to create contrast yet keep the space consistent.  Boutique hotels are bold in design yet maintain an element of simplicity in rooms that truly soothe the soul.

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