Encaustic Tile - LA's biggest trend

Encaustic tile is really happening in Los Angeles right now.  Whether modern geometric pattern or more traditional organic motifs, the designs are achieved by pressing together different colors of clay as opposed to traditional tile where the glaze is applied to the surface.

This gives encaustic tile a more layered and expensive looking feeling (when applied in the right way).  Meaning it has more depth and dimension than a tile where the pattern is painted or stamped on.

Also known as cement tile, encaustic tile originated in Europe and France around 1850, and later gained popularity throughout Spain and Latin America.  This being Southern California and a designer’s paradise of beautiful Spanish style homes (my absolute favorite), they fit the architecture and spirit of the region.

In researching tile options for a bathroom project, I decided to check out Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, which I’d been hearing about for months because of it’s beautiful interiors.   Also doesn’t hurt that it happens to be one of JLO and Jessica Alba’s favorite restaurants. Yeah, they weren’t there when I went lol.

First impressions, beautiful space – the tiled bar definitely holds the design down for the space and is the main focal point of the room.  The geometric pattern was pretty large scale (good for the bar) and actually a bit more rustic looking than I would prefer to do in a bathroom or a kitchen.   But for the space it was perfect.

The restaurant had that whole “what’s happening in LA right now vibe” — chic as hell but laaaiiiiddd back…but still chic so don’t get lazy.

I didn’t get a lot of great pictures because I was the fool struggling with my dog in a public restaurant (they allow dogs) and my obnoxiously large LV bag, assisting Dottie and trying to capture it on video.

Umm, it’s LA so you can be this girl.

Here’s Dottie, isn’t she beautiful?

The food was okay…I had the vegan ceviche which was good but my stomach felt a little funny afterwards.  Dottie’s desert was spectacular.

As for the tile I was sold.  Let me know in the comments below, would you use encaustic tile?

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