5 Style Solutions for Your Kitchen

Much of December was dedicated to reimagining my apartment of 6 years and figuring out what I want out of it now.  The urge to nest hit me strong and for the first time in a while I felt like filling up my minimal home.   I started to thrift again, decluttered, rearranged & styled a few things, adding a lamp to my kitchen.

This simple change completely changed the vibe.  And it made me start cooking again.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, your style New Traditionalist or Rustic Elegance, these 5 simple yet effective style tricks will take your kitchen into 2019

And you can do it on any budget.

1. Non-traditional rug

I’m a nut for great quality beautiful rugs.  Place a traditional Persian rug in a non-traditional kitchen setting for a totally stylish and functional vibe.  Just make sure it’s wool, a low to medium pile and something you seriously love.

2. Add a table lamp

Overhead lighting is harsh and hideous most of the time.  Adding a lamp to my kitchen is the biggest single improvement I’ve made.  It created such a moody, welcoming vibe that Milo joined me in the kitchen and hung out with me while I made dinner a few nights last week.

#3. French style butcher block

I saw the perfect french style butcher block at my local flea market 3 years ago.  It was only $60, but I was lazy at the time, didn’t think I needed it and to this day I regret not buying it.  It was similar and actually a little bit better than the lower right hand image. 🙁

If you don’t have the golden triangle in your kitchen (the sink, oven and refrigerator – and relevant counter space are positioned in a triangle) you can create one with a super handy butcher block.  It can be tiny too.  Tres Chic!

4. Add a radio or small tv

Growing up, two things happened every night at 6pm – my mom was cooking and the iconic opening jingle of NPR was playing on the radio (forever etched in my mind).

A radio or small tv in the kitchen pretty much guarantees that your kitchen will remain the heart of your home.  I love to multitask so if I can catch up on a podcast or my monthly horoscope I’m much more likely to put in the time to achieve a new recipe.  Creating a vibe is not just a visual thing – sounds / entertainment adds movement and keeps you connected to what’s going on in the world.

5. Mirror over the stove = $$

I saved the best for last.  This is an old feng shui tip… if you want to double or even quadruple your money, put a mirror above your stove.  It doubles your money because fire (ie. your burners) and the ability to feed yourself “mirrors” wealth – and with this tip we’re doubling it.

Mirrors also look extremely chic AND open up a small kitchen.  They can be big or small but trust me, a mirror over the stove is a must have for any and every kitchen.  Just remember to keep the mirror clean and shiny.

I hope you loved these tips and I hope you’ll try them!! Like seriously, go find a lamp and try it in the kitchen.  Let me know what you think in the comments below and here’s to a happy, healthy and wealthy 2018 for us all!!!

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